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Little Acorn Learning

Crayon Candles for Candlemas

Posted by Little Acorn Learning on

Tomorrow is Candlemas and it seemed fitting to make candles with the children to celebrate this beautiful festival that is on the same day as Groundhog's Day! 

The term "Candlemas" comes from a very old Christian custom of blessing candles on this day. And, the day itself marks the halfway point of winter when we can look ahead to the warmer days of spring.  

The idea of melting broken crayons to use as a wax base for fun candles came to mind. I found some easy ways to melt the crayons in Dixie cups online and make candles but I wanted to try something of my own. So, through trial and error, we finally came up with something that worked. 

Out of aluminum foil, we made heart shapes to make into molds for our candles.  The process looks nice and clean on a blog post but I promise you it didn't go as smoothly :) ...

First off, don't underestimate the time it will take you to get the paper off the crayons. The children helped me peel them off but I had to speed up the process on my own by using a crafting knife to take off the rest. It is a process in itself but little children love helping to sort the colors in each cup and it was a great way for them to help while learning their colors.

I popped our creation into the oven all excited thinking we would very easily melt the crayons in the little frames and have instant heart candles to add wicks to!  

Well... yeah... not so much...

W soon learned that idea was not going to work so easy. The wax quickly leaked underneath our hearts and all over the aluminum foil I (luckily) placed on the bottom. 

So, then we tried again by carefully covering our frames with more foil and making little heart "cups" to melt our wax in.  

Even this way, we had some leaking but not enough to ruin the end result thankfully. I think I can eventually master making these little molds with some time and practice.

Obviously, the easiest way to make candles this way is to put the broken crayons into a little heat-safe cup that you will not need again.  If you go slow you can even do one color at a time and make a rainbow effect but those who know me best know when I have my mind set on something, patience isn't always my strong suit so we did it my way instead :)

After letting the molds cool a bit, we added a wick in the center and let the wax harden.  When everything was totally cool we VERY carefully peeled away the aluminum and were so excited to see these pretty heart candles appear! The crayon shavings on top were added from scraping the leaked wax off the aluminum and putting them on top of the warm wax.

It's important to put a dish or even keep these in the original aluminum cups if you are going to use them throughout the day, but we were very excited so we lit them quick for a photo! 

Happy Candlemas from Little Acorn Learning! 

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