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What Being "Busy" is Stealing from Your Life ...

Posted by Little Acorn Learning on

Guilt-Free Slow Living

I begin this post by admitting I am the last person in the world who should be telling someone else to slow down and not be busy.

For somebody like me, this Slow Living thing is extremely difficult. But it is people like me who need this challenge the most. So... if you are like me, read on...

I spend SO much of my life being very, very busy.  As a matter of fact, I would bet that those who know me best may even say I am one of the busiest people they know.

I don't sign up for "busy" because I like the idea of being busy. Believe it or not, I love the idea of being NOT busy.

I love the idea of slow living and of being fully present.

I meditate.
I go to yoga.
I declutter.
I try to be conscious of my choices.
I practice breathing.
I read self-help books. :)

Shit, I could be BUSY trying to NOT be busy!  I try very hard to slow myself down but I'm often still not successful.

The reason I'm so busy all of the time is simply that I really love *SO* many things about life.  I love writing, music, traveling, politics, knitting, gardening, sewing, cooking, volunteering, painting, enjoying time with friends...

If something interests me, I do not wait or put it on some list for later.  I do it now!  In a sense I guess that *IS* living in the NOW but the problem is that "now" can only hold so much. And, to really enjoy things fully we need to do less things more SLOWLY.

So here I am, like you, struggling to live slowly - making some progress and then *BAM* along comes the guilt....

Guilty of not doing something "productive" with my time.
Guilty of not earning money in the hours I'm wasting.
Guilty of not organizing the house.
Guilty about the piles of laundry rotting in the other room.
Guilty of not making "progress".
Guilty of not getting to the grocery store.
Guilty of not answering an insane amount of emails.
Guilty that time is passing by and I'm wasting it.
Guilty of letting my girls watch TV a little longer while I do something I enjoy.

It's a horrible thing this guilt of not being busy.  It can almost make you go and be too busy again...

Unless you intentionally STOP, like me, for a minute and remember what being too busy has stolen from us so many times before:

A bedtime story with our children where we are fully present and not thinking of other things.
A long walk noticing our environment, how it's changing and meeting our neighbors.
A really good book that provides just the escape we need.
Planting a garden or watching things grow and change, showing us where our food comes from and the miracle of it all.
Conversations.  Real ones.  Good ones.  And, even difficult ones that need to be had.
A good movie and memories to be made cuddling on the couch.
Growing a business or putting more effort into our work and our ability to earn more and give more to society.
Trips, vacations or visits that have already been put off for too long to see people we love or places we imagine.
Being still enough to feel the wind blow through our hair.
Making a decision that can bring us toward a more happy life.
Noticing things around us: a new piece of furniture, a flower that bloomed, the look on someone's face.
Time to ask questions or to think about the questions we need to ask ourselves and others.
Real breathing, deeply, fully and slowly...appreciating this moment of being truly alive.
Our health and our ability to sleep well, eat right or exercise.
The ability to be alone; to feel the silence and become at peace with it and even enjoy it.
Spending time with the people who really fill our souls rather than those who just fill our time.
Tasting our food intentionally, slowly and with gratitude.
Listening and feeling the sounds of music, the ocean, laughter and nature.
And most importantly, modeling to our children and to others that taking time for ourselves and time to slow down is a gift to ourselves and those who depend on us and we are worth it.

If we slow down enough to remind ourselves what the true cost of being too busy is, we will be able to slow down, put our feet up and not feel one ounce of guilt about it.

Join us in our Slow Summer Series. Share your slow moments with us and inspire others on Instagram, Facebook or your blog.  Use hashtags #showyourslow and #slowsummerseries and be sure to like both myself and Not Your Average Mom on Instagram @littleacornlearning & @notyouraveragemomofficial

Check back here for more inspiration as we help one another slow down and really appreciate life more fully.  

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