January Enrichment Guide
& Daily Guide

These beautiful monthly ebooks follow the rhythm of a weekly theme with the flexibility that teachers, homeschoolers and afterschooling parents need to
enrich their children's Waldorf learning experience at home or school.  Our new Monthly Enrichment Guides are filled to the rim with crafts, recipes,
activities, stories and inner-work suggestions and they follow a weekly theme to keep your home or school following a seasonal rhythm.  They are not
structured like classroom lesson plans, as our Childcare Lesson Plan Guides are and keep older children in mind along with the caregiver.  They are created so
you can use the ideas as time allows without having each day specifically planned out for you.

These Enrichment Guides were created to help parents, teachers and caregivers of all types create a healthy, rhythmic and peaceful home for their children.  
These guides may be used with children attending traditional schools, Waldorf schools, private schools, childcare centers or with homeschooled children as
an enrichment tool to extend their Little Acorn ‘Learning’.  


Week One, January
Sheep's Wool, Warmth (New Years)

~ Read Stories of Wool and Warmth
~Bake a Twelfth Night Cake
(for detailed ideas on celebrating Three Kings Day
this week see our
Three Kings EBook)
~Create Your Own Felt Out of Sweaters
~Share Verses and Songs with the Children
~Implement Some New Ways to Create Warmth
in Your Home or School
~Create a Winter Woolen Playscape for Your Children
~Learn the Knit and Purl Songs on Your Pennywhistle or Flute
and Enjoy the MP3
~Read About the Benefits of Saunas and Put
Together an After-Sauna Snack
~Create a Felt Crayon Holder for Your Block Crayons
~Meditate on Warmth and What it Means in Our Lives

Week Two, January
Animals in Winter, Deep Rest

~Read Stories of Animals and Hibernation
~Share Songs and Poetry with Your Children
~Track Wildlife Prints Outdoors
~Draw Beautiful Animals with Your Beeswax Crayons
~Learn the Pentatonic Song 'Deep Rest' on Your Home
Instrument and Enjoy the MP3 Version
~Create and Drink Restful Herbal Tea
~Make a 'Ta i Tre' Touch Wood with the Children
~Meditate on What Deep Rest Means Can Do for
Your Life this New Year

Week Three, January
Snowflakes, Tolerance

~Read Stories of Snowflakes and Peace
~Share Verses and Song to Welcome the Snow
~Study Snowflakes Up Close
~Teach Children the Beauty of Diversity and Tolerance
~Make Pancake Snowmen for Breakfast
~Create Snow Lanterns Outdoors
~Learn 'Little Flakes of Snow' on Your Pennywhistle or
Flute and Enjoy the MP3
~Create Beautiful Snowflake Fairies to Hang
Over Your Nature Space
~Make a Batch of Winter Burritos to Warm Their Bellies
~Create a Peace Pole for Your Home or School
~Weave Diversity on a Handmade Cardboard Loom
~Meditate on Tolerance and the Beauty of the
Difference that have Blessed Your Life

Week Four, January
Ice, Forgiveness

~Read Stories of Ice and Forgiveness
~Go Outside and Look for Icicles
~Share Songs and Verses of Ice
~Talk about Forgiveness with Your Children
~Create a Beautiful Ice Medallion with Nature Items
~Learn the 'Icy Icicles' Song on Your Home Instrument
and Enjoy the MP3
~ Create Ice Blocks and Light Them Up!
~ Make Ice Paintings with the Children
~ Craft Ice 'Scrumbles' by Learning Freeform Crochet
~Make Frozen Banana Treats
~Meditate on Forgiving Yourself, Others and
Past Experiences as You Begin a Fresh New Year
January Enrichment Guide
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Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations,
Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations
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