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Little Acorn Learning offers both a three-day per week and five-day per
week program for your natural learning experience.  

Our three-day program was our original series written in 2007-2008.  
Since that time, we have enhanced and improved our guides into a
five-day per week program which has additional features such as book
recommendations, teacher classroom work, morning talk suggestions
and five full days of ideas and activities for your children.    Be sure to
also check out our
seasonal childcare menus for whole food recipes based
on Rudolf Steiner's color and grain of the day.

March Curriculum 5-Day Program
& Daily Guide

Only $18.00 - Was $24.99

This month's Guide is 69 Pages Long!

Four Weeks of Blessings, Verses, Nature Walks, Crafts, Recipes,
Children's Meditations, Caregiver Meditations, Outdoor Suggestions,
Stories, Fingerplays and More!  

The Daily Guide Included FREE with Your Purchase
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Week One, March
Fairies, Fostering Trust

Week Two, March
Music & Sounds, Listening

Week Three, March
Shamrocks, Luck

Week Four, March
Rainbows, Creating Color

This Curriculum must be used in conjunction with the Daily Guide which guides
caregivers through each step of Our Daily Rhythm:

Morning Blessing
Circle Time
Blackboard Drawing
Morning Talk Suggestions
Weekly Story with Puppet Show Ideas
Daily Activity
Teacher's Classroom Work
Nature Walk
Children's Meditation
Outdoor Play
Rest Time
Caregiver Meditation
Evening Routines
Bedtime Story and Blessing

This program was designed for parents or childcare providers who
wish to share the joy of nature with the children in their care and
create a healthy rhythm to their day.  It is ideal for mixed-aged
situations with ideas for both young and older children included.

Religious Orientation
While our curriculum is not religiously oriented, Little Acorn Learning
does honor a Creator in many of the verses, songs and blessings that
we use.   We celebrate many seasons and festivals, with an emphasis
on Christian saints and holidays.  We encourage you to weave your
own traditions and customs into the program to make it work best
for your family.

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