The Bee, Community

The buzzing bee gives honey sweet

To every little neighbor;

Then thanks to her we all repeat,

For her unceasing labor.

This past week our theme was The Bee, Community at Little Acorn Learning. I made each child a little felted Bumblee Bee. Maia played with hers all day bringing it from flower to flower outside.

Then we each made our very own Beeswax Candle to bring home.

The weather was SO nice out all week. We played outside so much and brought out our water table for the first time this year.
We also ate lunch on the deck 🙂

Next week our theme is The Caterpillar, Transformation. We received our caterpillars in the mail already for our butterfly hatchery. Everyone is so excited! I’ve always wanted to do one and finally got around to ordering them. More photos to come…

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