Rocks, Gems & Minerals Week

This week from my July Childcare Guide we learned about rocks, gems & minerals. I was realizing that I probably should have made this more of a ‘summer guide’ as these themes could be used any time throughout the summer months. We learned new songs about rocks and gems. And we looked at different types of stones and talked about their colors and names.

Then we went outside and went on a hunt for rocks. After we found a bunch, we filled up our water table and washed our rocks with sponges. The older siblings took care of their younger brother or sister and showed them how to clean the stones and take turns.

This activity kept them busy for over a half hour! 🙂

Then we brought our rocks inside and made a little display on our nature table. This time, the children watched me as I did the blackboard drawing – and they told me what colors to do and what to draw :). The girls wanted a rainbow too so that’s what they got.

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