On November 11th we celebrate The Feast of St. Martin, otherwise known as Martinmas. St. Martin was said to be a man of peace and generosity. He did not want to fight but obeyed the law and served in the military as he was required to. He took the earnings he made as a solider and gave it to needy families. One story tells of how he cut his own cloak in half to warm a homeless beggar on the stree who was Christ in disguise. Martin of Tours is the patron saint of soliders.

In America, we also celebrate Veteran’s Day this week. Let us take this time to allow the Spirit of Saint Martin to fill us with thoughts of peace, love and gratitude for soldiers of past and present wars.

Charity Idea in St. Martin’s Honor:

This week gather food and items to donate to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen in your area. If you are a childcare provider you can ask parents to donate clothes or cannded goods that you will deliver yourself. Older children can go with you to deliver the items or you can serve or cook at a local soup kitchen.

It is traditional in Waldorf circles to hold a lantern walk in celebration of Martinmas. Last week we made beautiful lanterns that we will use.

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