My Little Loves (Digging Us Out)

If you will be my little love,

A little house I’ll find.
Snowed in with roses, drifting white.

And wooed by sun and wind.

And there, mid silks and old brocade.

Embroidered for your sake,
I’ll steal upon your sleep each morn.

And kiss your eyes awake!

And lead you like a swaying bud

To where your sisters stand,
Your flower-sisters, beckoning,

With perfume in each hand.

Delicious it will be to watch

The clouds go drifting by.
As thoughts that lightly flit across

The blue mind of the sky.

Ah, gladsome shall the long day be,
Our laughter with the breeze.

Until the purple shadows veil
The faces of the trees.

A taper star to guide us home.
Then night, so rare and deep.

To wrap us In forgetfulncss
And cradle us to sleep.

~Amanda B. Hall

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