The Blizzard’s Robe by Guest Blogger, Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book

As I sit and write this, snow is covering our house and garden. Though books are a part of our everyday life, they contribute into a focal point during winter time.

A family snow time favorite is to build a roaring fire, gather some cozy quilts, and bring a huge stack of books with us.

In the middle of our “snow” book pile lies “The Blizzard’s Robe” By Robert Sabuda.

Far up North, where the sun barely rises, live the People Who Fear the Winter Night. Huddling around their fires they sit in fear of a visit by the very terrible Blizzard. He can destroy anything with his icy wind, snow, and ice.

Teune is a young village girl who makes the finest robes the village has ever known. One night as blizzard paid a raging visit, Teune put her robes on the fire to keep warm. Sparks rose out from the top of the Yaranga (their house), and caught Blizzard’s robe on fire. The villagers were so happy not to have o deal with Blizzard’s wrath anymore. Teune felt very bad to destroy Blizzard’s robe, so she set out to make the most beautiful robe ever made. In return, Blizzard gave a great and lasting gift to the people.

This book is much too good to leave on the pages. Would you like to make your very own blizzard robe? You can make the blizzard robe alone or with a group. However you choose to play, the gem of this game is that it is ever changing and you will not get the same robe twice. We’ve enjoyed playing this during transition times such as between clean-up and dinner, just before we go upstairs for our bedtime routine, and just after breakfast.

You Will Need:
· 6- 12″x 12″ pieces of decorative scrapbook paper
· 6- 12″ x12″ pieces of solid color paper in a variety of colors

Measure and cut these into 4″ x 4″ squares for a total of 108 squares.
On 4 solid color squares draw one of the following on one square each.

· A horizon sun
· A reindeer
· A yaranga (this is their dwelling place)
· Blizzard

These will serve as the center piece of our robe.

How to Play:

Leave the solid colors in a stack and the decorated papers in a stack.

Each person chooses 2 solid colors and 2 decorated papers.

The person whose name starts with the letter W or closest to it gets to pick the center piece. The person on his or her left places the next card and then picks up a card from the same sort. For example, if you place a solid, you’ll pick up a solid. Continue around the table until each person has had a turn and you have made the robe that you want to make. You don’t have to use all of the cards but it’s really fun to do so. This game is totally flexible and the possibilities are endless.

Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book, derives the greatest pleasure from taking the books she reads and helping them come alive with her family, book club, friends, and workshops. An advocate for literacy, Valarie spends many quality hours helping at risk readers. She spends her days with her husband, three creative children, and one adored cat. Together they live in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. To reach Valarie please visit

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