Embracing Winter

Lately, when the weather people have predicted lots of snow – we’ve gotten only a little and when they have predicted a little – we’ve gotten A LOT!

Today we got A LOT and it’s still coming!

The girls have really enjoyed the winter time so far this year… they go outside all bundled up and play for hours together. Its so nice that they are all old enough now to play together. I remember those really hard days when Brianna would want to go outside but was too small to go without me…. so I’d bundle up right along with them and go too.

Now she’s a big girl.

Snow bliss..

I’m not sure what the true motivation is… the fun of going outside to play in the snow …or the fact that mommy will offer them hot cocoa when they come inside, each and every time.

I watched a clip today about how fleeting time is being a mother to children at home…. each little moment passes by so quickly until one day, they are no longer with you each day… they are on their own… and you are only left with the memories and echos of these days with small children. My hope is that this blog will be a way for all of us to come back and remember years to come..

Remember the fun times together..
Our sweet Stoli boy..

The snow on the treetops..

Mommy with her camera out each and every window and door…

Little cats that meow too much…


Asking over and over again if Dee is home yet.

Warm things and places.

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