Little Pots of Potential

This year I took a chance and bought this PotMaker from the Seeds of Change website. A friend of mine had posted it on her blog and I thought it seemed like such a great way to recycle the TONS of newspaper and papers we keep in a big box at home.

So far I am very impressed with how the little pots are holding up. I was worried the water would bog them down and they would leak considerably but so far they are doing well. I put old baking trays underneath just in case.

I am hoping for some better garden results this year – wish me luck! My family loves to make fun at me on a daily basis about the “big pumpkins” we were going to have last year for carving at Halloween time and all of the vegetables our garden was going to produce to save us money…. I’m DETERMINED to show them up this summer 🙂

It is truly amazing when you hold a seed in your hand and think about all of the potential it has within it to become so much… inside that tiny seed is a blueprint, a destiny – a recipe which needs only some sun and water for it to become a big plant which will then produce so much.

There is so much INSIDE of a seed that we cannot see but it *IS* there. *Something* out of what seems to be nothing. To me, that type of perfection cannot be random… to me it must have been engineered – created. And that is what having Faith is. Believing in something that cannot be seen just yet but *IS* there nonetheless.

Garden Finger Rhyme

Here is the garden,
(hold one palm up flat)

Here are the seeds;
(use pointer finger on other hand to poke down on palm)

Water and sunshine
(make rain motion with hands then circle arms over head for ‘sun’)
Each little plant needs.
I plant it just right,
(pretend to dig with one hand)

And sprinkle it well;
(make sprinkle motion with other hand)

What kind of a plant it is,
(make ‘why’ gesture with your arms)

Time soon will tell.
(point to watch)

And here in this place,
(point to spot where you ‘dug’)

A bulb, small and dry,
(make a circle with your thumb and pointer)

‘Twill surely awaken
And sprout, by and by.
(open fingers on hand wide and close as you move arm upward)

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