Great Outdoor Challenge – Hugging the World

I was going to leave this post wordless but I felt that it may make me lose a few readers!!!

This evening Dee and I were outside and I told her that I’d like to get a photo of her for the great outdoor challenge today as I always have so many of the little ones.

She looks at me and I could see the idea come to her mind… she says… “ok mom, take a photo of me hugging the world”… WHAT?????

Yes this is definitely MY child – silly, impulsive, crazy – brave… doing something I would do without a second thought. Not worrying about the neighbors or the cars passing by… just living in the moment.

We were hysterical. Later she explained to me that when she was at sleepaway camp and the younger ones would get homesick, the older campers would tell them to “hug the world” before bed because it is the same world their moms and dads are in too.

And now it is captured for you all to see… a snippet of our silly, crazy life, together.


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