Watercolor Birdhouses

This morning we painted little wooden birdhouses in our nursery program.
They each cost only $1 at the craft store and were just the perfect size for little fingers.

This craft goes along well with our Spring Animals theme from my April guide. We’ve been learning all about the animals we can see this time of year.

Here’s a little verse you can share:

The Nest
(if you have a large group of children a fun way to do this verse is to form a circle by joining hands – have two children kneel in the middle representing the ‘eggs’… when the second verse comes, they raise their heads and sing the “peeps” – all the other children join in the last line)

On the twigs,
Within a hedge,
A bird her nest has made.
In the nest so soft and warm
Two tiny eggs are laid.

From beneath the mother’s wings
Two little birds appear.
Hear them crying, “Peep, peep, peep,
We love you, mother dear.”

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