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Cooperative Games

I think Sunday is my favorite day. Time to reflect spiritually, to rest, enjoy home life with all of us together – our girls, our loves. The day seems to go by a bit slower than other days…. we wake up slower, take more time to listen to each other – there are no deadlines, no lessons, few parties or events. We make a big dinner, stay close to home and just enjoy life.

It’s also time when the girls can really spend uninterrupted time together – all day long… playing, hiking, exploring, crafting (and even a little bit of bickering).

Which is exactly what happened today when they had been playing HARD and long together for hours… so after a few tears were wiped up, I pulled out a new cooperative game for them to try out.

For those of you are are unfamiliar with cooperative games, I highly recommend them. The emphasis is not placed on winning or defeating the opponent but on creative thinking, team work, sharing and collaboration. Cooperative games encourage children to work with other players toward a final goal that they earn together.

This particular game was geared for younger children but even my nine year old had a great time playing it with her little sisters for awhile. The idea was to roll the dice, pick a carnival game to play and then when you win a token that you have already obtained – to share it with another player who did not have that particular one. Each time you share – you place a sharing star in the center and tally them up at the end. So the goal of the game is to share.

There are many other wonderful cooperative games out there. I suggest looking at various online retailers like Bella Luna Toys for some great options. I’m not saying that these should completely replace your board game collection – but they are definitely a refreshing alternative especially when your children may be having a hard time getting along.

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