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Great Outdoor Challenge – Petting Farm

Today was so amazingly beautiful. The clouds were breathtaking wherever we went.

We went to a local place to get farm fresh groceries. They also have a little petting farm there. The girls really loved the animals.

But Keira made such a wonderful point… something I think about often… how happy are these animals staying at this petting farm? The outside of their shelter is purely concrete. The girls agreed that they should at least have natural grass to roam on.

I think exposing children to animals is a beautiful thing to offer but if we do so, I think it is important for us to remember that they are not put here purely for our enjoyment. Is this considered free range?

Nonetheless… it was a fun day – and we soaked up every precious moment together and talked about some deep issues.

The intuitive nature of children is so pure… I’m proud of my girls for thinking such deep thoughts and for being concerned for other living things and our environment. I work hard to foster that compassion within them. I hope the next generation continues to think this way.

What’s your opinion?

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