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Great Outdoor Challenge – Up and At ‘Em

This morning we got up and got dressed and headed out early.

Two of my girls are in track & field this year and this weekend they have their first ‘meet’ so they wanted to practice running.

We headed over to their school to practice the distances they chose to compete in.

Then, of course, we had to spend some time on the playground…

A silly song my Nanny used to sing me when we went to the playground:
See Saw
Knock on my door
Who’s there?
Papa (my grandpa)
What does he want?
A glass of beer (lol)
Where’s his money?
In my pocket
Where’s your pocket?
In my pants
Where’s your pants?
My girls know that one by heart. Nanny would be proud.


Then back in the car to bring Dee and her girlfriends on an adventure. I’ve been in the car all week with these teens!

Each spring break they do a bunch of silly things. Today’s idea was to get completely dressed up and pack along silverware, a tablecloth, a battery operated candle and flowers – go to a fast food restaurant – order with class – make up a beautiful table and enjoy –

They got so many crazy looks. Fun times!

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