Green Smoothie Kids

My husband saw this glass pitcher of GREEN sitting in the fridge this morning and made fun of another one of my recipes and wanted to know what on earth that “horrible” stuff was!

Well now, haven’t you heard about the Green Smoothie Challenge?
Actually… when I was first invited to join this particular challenge, I thought that it must be pretty *yuck* to drink something that looks like that once per day too. But, when I read more I realized the contents were purely water, raw fresh fruits and a raw green leaf veggie or two of your choice. Then the entire concept seemed a little bit easier to swallow 🙂
Green smoothies provide all of the fruits and vegetable intake you need for optimal health each day – in its purest, raw form. It’s a wonderful way to detox, supplement or just overall improve your health and well-being.
Well today’s smoothie was made with parsley, mint, mango, strawberries and banana…
The daycare kids saw mine and decided that they’d like to try one too for snack time..
And guess what?
It was GREEN…
and really GOOD!
Here’s to your health!

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