Our New Puppy – Caicos!

As I wrote, we are super busy here…. we’ve also added a new puppy to the mix. Yes, we are crazy! Four children – a cat and now two dogs… yikes! She is so beautiful though. We really love her!

She is a potcake puppy from the Turks & Caicos and was rescued by a wonderful organization that was started by a very nice couple. We’ve had her for two weeks almost and she’s really doing great. I know they have more puppies for adoption so please contact them directly if you would like to open up your hearts and home.

There is so much love here for her – she is never without someone to play with. Amazingly, she has become very good friends with our cat, Meeko. They have most recently begun resting near each other and spend a good part of the day playing. Who ever said that cats and dogs can’t get along?

Caicos is doing a great job with potty training. I’ve been working very hard to train her correctly and put the time and energy into it each day. I’d rather work hard now and have a dog who is happy and well-behaved then deal with issues later. We have been crate training her and she sleeps all night in her crate without waking up now. She also goes into her crate whenever she is tired on her own.

During the day she and Stoli (our other dog) go out on the deck in the early morning and when we take the children out in the yard, they come along too. It’s so nice to have a fenced in backyard where they can explore and play all day.

We have a lot of toads in the yard this week and Caicos‘ favorite game is to chase them all over.

Stoli was an amazingly good sport about letting a new puppy into our home… he was very low key about it but a few days in he did get a bit possessive of his bones. We’ve since taken the bones away and keep one in Caicos‘ crate for night time instead and things have gone smoothly. My hope for them is that they become companions for the rare occasions that I am not home or we go away. For now, they are kind enough to each other to live under the same roof and I guess that’s a pretty good start.

She gets soooo much attention all day that she is exhausted at night. But happy – SO happy.

And we are happy to have her join our family. I know our children will share many memories with her over the years.

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