Introducing Our *NEW* Afterschool Guide & Menu for September!

Introducing Our *NEW* Afterschool Guide and Menu for September!

They are the perfect addition to our regular September Childcare Guides focusing on afternoons and weekends!

Many of you may remember my post about Waldorf Afterschooling. These new Afterschool books were created to help others like myself who wish to bring the beauty of Waldorf into their homes after-school and on weekends as well.

These afterschool guides are here to help parents and caregivers of all types create a healthy, rhythmic and peaceful home for their school aged children. These guides may be used with children attending traditional schools, Waldorf schools, private schools, childcare centers or with homeschooled children as an after-school and weekend tool to extend their Little Acorn ‘Learning’.

I have to admit that we went a little crazy – the guide itself is LARGER than my regular guides… sooo much information and I just couldn’t leave any of it out. I hope you enjoy it!


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