Beeswax Pumpkins

The Pumpkin
(a fingerplay that can be done while sitting at desk or table)

Here is a long and trailing vine,
(Hands trailing over desks.)

Watch it and see the green stems twine,
(Hands twine in and out over desks.) This is a pretty yellow flower.
(Hands curved to form flower.)

That blossomed one day in a sunny hour.
When one by one the petals fall,
(Hands drop to desks.)

And now we see a small green ball.
(Hands curved to form ball.)

The big sun shone so warm and bright,
(Arms curved to form sun.)
That the ball grew bigger and yellow, quite,

And yellow, and yellower still it grew,
Until under Autumn skies so blue,
It lay so still on the sun-warmed ground,
And lo! it was a pumpkin round!
(Hands and arms curved to form a large pumpkin.)

And then one frosty Autumn day,
The pumpkin was taken quite away,
‘Twas cut by a knife from the shelf so high,
And mother made a pumpkin pie!
(Forefingers and thumbs curved to form pie.)

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