Needle Felted Pumpkin

A very simple pumpkin can be made for your nature table within an hour by using wool roving and needle felting supplies. Yesterday, during nap time, Brianna watch as I made this small but sweet pumpkin with supplies I purchased from Nova Natural Toys.

First, you wrap a small ball of roving. Do not twist – just gently form the ball as tightly as you can. Then you VERY carefully use your needles to poke around the entire ball over and over until you see that it is dry felting and ‘sticking’ together to form a ball.

I then added a few complimentary colors but only slightly to give the pumpkin the look of texture. The little lines you see above are simply just small strips of different colors wrapped around the ball to give the form of the indents many pumpkins have.

Needle felting is NOT for young children. The needles are super sharp and it hurts when you poke yourself. But they do enjoy watching the process. It kept Brianna entertained the whole time 🙂

Then I took a bit of green and separately worked my needle in and out to make a form of a leaf. I had to layer the wool a bit to make sure it was thick and sturdy enough and then I needle felted it onto my little pumpkin top.

I also did the stem separately… wrapping different colors and using my needle until I felt like it was the right color and thickness. Again, needle felting it onto the pumpkin top at the base of the stem. After adding one more little leaf – our pumpkin was done. Simple and pretty and fun to play with gentle hands.

I am not an expert at needle felting but enjoy simple projects. There are some amazing artists out there who make beautiful nature table doll, toys and landscapes. I’d love to expand and try some of these things when time allows. If you have links to any projects you have worked on (especially in Autumn), please share them in comments.

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