Spooky Halloween Scene

Oh just look and what the children and I made together! Isn’t it beautiful?

We worked so very hard. Each little beeswax piece made by sweet little hands. My afterschool partner had this idea last month but we were unable to get it together in time for our guide so now its out there for everyone to enjoy 🙂

Our bats came from a suggestion from a Little Acorn Learning friend Helen who mentioned them after hearing that we were making our beeswax pumpkins.

We just used beeswax to make various items all week – bats, a witch, a spooky house, cat, ghosts, pumpkins, etc.

Then we took out our special silks and some wooden trees and other items and put them together very slowly and carefully. Each older child helped to create our spooky scene and we let everyone have a part in its creation.

It was a great way to use up some of our random pieces of beeswax. The witches’ house for example is a hodge-podge of colors we weren’t sure what to do with.

Then we added gray-blue wool roving – very thinly across and around our scene to give the effect of fog.

Happy Halloween from Little Acorn Learning!

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