Carving Out Memories

These simple traditions we share each year have such deeper meaning to me as the girls get older. They build upon each other and we find ourselves reminiscing on years passed when we did the same activity…

The face we carved out that one year or the time we added cinnamon to our roasted pumpkin seeds to see what they tasted like.

I often find myself listening to the girls and I realize that we are weaving an entire life together with each experience we share.

I think about when they are mothers one day if a certain smell or activity will bring them back to one of these moments we are sharing in *this* right now…

And then I realize that one day – a day far from now – *this* right now will be a memory.

A memory that maybe I will cling to in my old age… or that one of my daughters share with their own children or lover.

And I get filled up inside with a mixture of emotion – gratitude for being blessed with this beautiful life and the opportunity to share such precious moments with my family… and sadness that one day they will be grown, out of our home and I will long for these moments of all of us here together again.

I hope our time together will help them build a beautiful life of their own one day. For now, I am going to breathe in every single delicious moment I have with them while they are still young.
Happy Halloween!

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