Pumpkin Decorating Day

Each yearone of our local schools holds a Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Day.

The children all bring in tools and supplies and a pumpkin to decorate or carve and their parents can attend to help as well.

This year the weather cooperated and the children were able to work on their pumpkins outside. I brought along fresh apple cider and pretzels and everyone got to work.

What I noticed about Keira’s class this year is the beautiful diversity. Do you see? So many different types of children and families from all different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and political positions. I was watching and taking photos of each child working on their pumpkin and noticed how each pumpkin was so beautifully different as well…

And how horribly boring and drab this day would have been if they were all the same. And how equally boring our world would be if everyone was the same.

And then I realized how very grateful I was for all of these beautiful differences. It reminded me that if I keep my mind in the right place, how I could find the good in all differences and situations and so can my children. When you send your children off to school, there are so many wonderful things for them to experience… new friendships, various opportunities and activities, sports….

But of course, there are some not-so-wonderful things – figuring out how to deal with difficult friends, adults who may be cranky that day, feeling like you are so different because you do not watch ‘I-Carly’ or know all of the popular TV shows because you spend your afternoons and weekends in the woods with a waldorf mom 🙂

And, as a parent, it is easy to take those not-so-perfect moments and run with them… wanting to protect your child from them all…wondering if you are making the right choices for your children… for me, I can get into this spiral of negative thinking that it blurs my vision and I am hardly able to see all of the GOOD.

And there is so much GOOD. More good than bad. And instead of constantly questioning myself, wanting to create the perfect life for my daughters…
I’m going to work harder to see the good in this beautiful but imperfect life we have been so very lucky to live…

And to help guide them and hold their hands through it all until they are ready to move forward on their own.

Looking forward to each up moment…

And remembering to stay focused to see the good clearly even during the down moments…

And just enjoy the RIDE!

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