Beeswax Christmas Scene

When I first began working with beeswax in my little school, I really didn’t know what to do with it.

We’d get frustrated warming it with our hands as little children do not often have the patience to wait as long as older children and adults do.

Then we weren’t really sure what do even do with it. The children would make little balls or snakes but our creativity stopped there.

Then I learned a few ‘tricks’ including warming our wax in hot water before we began. I prefer to warm it in hands but when working with a large group of children it can become daunting so this was my compromise and it was wonderful!

Then my older daughters and I started thinking outside-of-the-box a little. What was this week’s theme? What holidays were approaching? How can we make something a bit more meaningful for our nature display using this wonderful medium?

Boy have we come a long way! This year we’ve enjoyed making beautiful little pumpkins for harvest time.

We also made a wonderful Spooky Halloween Scene together.

We also had fun making pretty Beeswax Suns to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Here is an older post on my frustration with working with beeswax with children.

Now we are having so much fun and our scenes are becoming more and more involved.

Each child who visits my home helps in some way. The older girls doing the more detailed work and the younger ones forming balls or other shapes that we can accessorize in some way.

I would love to see ideas that others have come up with working with beeswax modeling material.

Please feel free to leave a link to a blog post or photo of any creations you’ve made!
Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Beeswax Christmas Scene”

  1. Inspiring Eileen, I have had the same love/hate relationship with beeswax. Your festive scene is so pretty. How do you soften the wax in water? When I only had a couple of children I would soften it by keeping it next to my skin for a while but now that my little preschool is full I would look "lumpy" doing that….I have resorted to plasticine and play doh for modeling work…but I miss the feel and smell of the beeswax.


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