Our Three Kings Celebration

We celebrated The Epiphany today because my girls had a SNOW DAY and we had the entire day together to sing, craft, play music and listen to stories.

First we worked on our Stars of Wonder… we followed the instructions in the ebook and decided to paint our paper first with watercolors.

Keira made such beautiful designs…

If you really look at children’s artwork, it is so very beautiful and amazing – isn’t it? Where does art come from?… I think it is from our souls. Pure creative energy from deep inside.

For me, this is a visual of my daughter’s beautiful souls.

After the paper dried, we followed our instructions and folded each piece the correct way.

This was not easy for the girls but I have to admit that it was the most fun part of the process. The challenge of folding and getting each point just-so was a learning experience in itself.

And I did my best to guide them without doing the work entirely for them. Even my four year old did her best to fold her stars.

Afterwards, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the points and the two stars together. Regular glue could be used also but we want to be sure our last a very long time – they really are so beautiful… you can hardly believe they are made from paper!

Being a working mom, I cannot do all of the activities I want to do with the girls at the exact moment I hope to. Yesterday was Three Kings Day but with writing and releasing the book and caring for my family, we did little more than discuss the holiday together.
In the past, this may have been something that made me feel guilty – or I may have thought it was ‘too late’ and left the celebration alone completely. But I’ve learned over the years that the timing does not have to be exact to give your children a beautiful experience. And for me, I have been working on the spiritual meaning behind The Epiphany more this year… and it will definitely take me more than one day to do so.

So our little celebration started today and will likely trickle into the rest of the week 🙂

So we made our beautiful stars together and we shared some of the sweet verses.

We hung them up over our nature table

and they really are so pretty.

We tried something new today and took a video of our painting. It was fun to do this but I will not do it too often only because you can see how it really does distract the children from getting into their artwork. But I’m so happy to share my girls and our ‘realness’ with you and I think it will be lovely for them to see these memories when they get older.

In addition to our crafting, Keira spent time today practicing We Three Kings on her flute thanks to Jodie’s beautiful music included in the ebook. This was a big step for Keira as she is a true beginner and I think she did GREAT! Here is a video clip 🙂

Later we spent the afternoon PLAYING in the snow! I absolutely love being snowed in with my family – with a fire burning and lots of fun to share together.

I hope you decide to celebrate this week too. And remember, it is NEVER too late!

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