Making Veggie Soup

This morning we made veggie soup together at Little Acorn Playgarden. The weather has been so cold and we’ve gotten so much snow – it was the perfect thing to warm us up 🙂

THIS is the curriculum I use in my nursery program. Real life – real daily tasks – family living. My guides and lesson plans also follow this type of learning – ‘life as the curriculum’ is exactly what young children need and I am so grateful for training programs such as Lifeways that aim to protect each child’s right to a childhood full of living, playing and loving for healthy development. Isn’t this what all young children should be doing with their days?

Each child picks a veggie out so Ms. Eileen can peel. When we make soup with the school aged children, they are able to help peel and cut with care but the little ones work more as ‘helpers’.

After all of our veggies have been peeled, each child picks a few to wash in the sink. Toddlers are more than capable of washing and they really enjoy working with their hands and playing with the water 🙂

Peel the Veggies one by one.
Making sure our work gets done.

Wash the Veggies nice and clean
Not a trace of dirt be seen.

Cut the Veggies nice and small.
Potatoes, carrots, one and all.

Put the Veggies in the Pot.
Stir it up. Nice and Hot.

Stir it up. Nice and Hot.

We take turns putting our chopped veggies into the bowl with broth.

I wait to heat the soup until the entire process is done so the children can help with most of the tasks. It doesn’t affect the cooking time or end result and they are so happy to be a part of it all.

This is a wonderful way to make TWO snacks out of one process. We ate the raw veggie slices as we cooked this morning and after we wake up from our nap time, we will have a warm and healthy snack to enjoy with the children who come home from school.

Stay Warm!

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