Making Soup

How many times have I made vegetable soup with the children? Absolutely not enough.

As I was setting up they began to use the carrots as ‘people’ in their play. Do you see how very simple play can be???

They are so capable of play in every day life – we do not have to add anything. Can we just watch? And just… stop… stop and not add… not comment… not change or enhance…. just watch?

My youngest daughter is turning into a ‘girl’ and these photos speak that to me. A part of me longs to have a baby in my home again – but I know that time in my life is over… and a piece of me is excited for our future together as a grown-up family. A family that can talk about deeper subjects and go special places… share secrets and work on more difficult projects.

I’ve worked hard at my role as a mother to little ones. And I just love it. So much so, that is is hard to let go of. But I know…. I will have little ones to care for again – not only in my childcare work but in my family home. My grandchildren one day will fill this space… with laughter, love, kisses, chocolate faces…

And I swear I cannot wait. You may call me crazy but I think of them always. Each decision I make, I think of them…. I imagine them in my home… I imagine them living in this world. I pray for them and especially my daughters, one day as mothers – trying – hoping – loving – to change this place and make a difference like I have tried to do in this little space called home.

And I love them already. Is that crazy? I love people who are not yet here. And I hope they will one day read this and know that. And I think… that if everyone just tried to think like this a little… the decisions they made would be so very different. But for now, I will remember how very grateful I am to love my work as mother and childcare provider. Making yummy soup and saving the scraps for our compost. 🙂

Teaching children how GOOD food can be.

Making my space in this world. And do you know what???

After this morning of cutting and washing and cooking…

These little children ate more than 4 bowls EACH of soup…of PURE veggies.

They even ate the onions…

And the zucchini

Blessings on the Blossom
Blessings on the Root
Blessings on the Leaf and Stem
Blessings on the Fruit
Oh… and guess what? They now LOVE mushrooms! See this sweet boy eating them all up???

Amazing isn’t it?

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