Early Spring Table & Catching Leprechauns

The Coming of Spring

I am coming, little maiden,
With the pleasant sunshine laden;
With the honey for the bee,
With the blossom for the tree,
With the flower and with the leaf;
Till I come the time is brief.

I am coming, I am coming,
Hark! The little bee is humming…

We put together our early spring table. I am not yet calling it our nature table as we are hoping to add some natural elements over the next few days. But this is our coming of Spring celebration table… and our sweet postcard of girls catching a leprechaun… we have prepared tonight to catch our very own leprechaun too.

The girls made a leprechaun out of beeswax as well as a little bunny.

And we made our bunny a little home with green wool roving..

Last year, the girls worked to make a very elaborate leprechaun trap

This year I let the girls go about things on their own a bit more… they asked for a shoebox and that was that!

But they wanted to use both traps to increase their chances LOL

And they are SO excited.

I wonder what will happen… I bet if he gets away again, they will at least get his chocolate gold coins…;)

Big sister came home from work and was interested in all of the excitement…

How will you celebrate?

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