Girl Scout Encampment Trip

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of leading a troop of wonderful fourth graders (and my sweet Keira) through our first Encampment Girl Scout overnight together.

First let me tell you how special these girls are. They are all filled with such goodness and they are full of life and excited to get their hands into things and learn. Our world needs these girls and so many more like them.

Each girl was assigned a partner to stay with – and Keira and another girl partnered up and both happened to suffer from extreme environmental allergies the entire trip. They struggled through the activities and were so uncomfortable. It was so special, however, that they had each other. Keira often struggles with her allergies alone at school and getting through the day can sometimes be almost impossible. This weekend, although it was so hard for her – she had a partner. Here they are using wet cloths to get some itchy eye relief around the campfire.

We sang campfire songs around the fire at night.

And enjoyed staying up way past our bedtimes.

This year we were assigned to stay in the camp lodge so we got some relief from the bitter cold that other troops had to get through during the night. April in Connecticut is not warm. The temps drop down as low as 20. Even though our lodge was not heated, it protected us from the cold wind and we were ok.

Our troop led the flag ceremony for the entire encampment circle. What an honor and they did such an amazing job!

When they walked back from posting the flag, I felt so proud of each one of them. They seemed so grown up to me from when I first met them all when they joined my troop in Kindergarten. I hope they all choose to stick with Girl Scouts through high school so we can all bond even more.

Being in the natural world all weekend without television, radio, cell phones, computers and video games was absolutely wonderful.

There was an area called Wishing Rock where girls can design and leave a rock behind.

We had some relaxing moments of talking..


And game playing..

But it wasn’t all fun… we worked, hard!

Dishwashing without running water.

Allergy girls again lol…



I am so thankful to have these times to share with my daughters. I hope they always cherish them as much as I do.

We found the biggest acorn cap we’ve ever seen!

A spiritual sign for Little Acorn? 😉

My co-leader made a box oven…

And we made delicious rolls to go along with our dinner all cooked outdoors.

I hope this encourages you to talk to your daughter about joining Girl Scouts 🙂


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