Stargazing Week

You lovely, bright star,
You shine from afar,
And dearly I love you,
Though distant you are.

How brightly that eye
Which sparkles on high
Is gazing and smiling
On me from the sky.

This week is Stargazing Week in my July Enrichment Ebook and it just so happens that there was a Kids Stargazing Night at a local observatory. I know I’ve said it before, but the timing of how things pop-up in correlation with the weekly themes I am working on is so affirming. From the first rose in my garden blooming during Rose Week to Fireflies flying into our home during firefly week…. I love it.

The girls got to see such detail of the moon and also a very clear image of Saturn and the rings around it. It was really amazing.

I encourage you to get out one summer night and enjoy the stars with your family. This one event has inspired an interest in Astronomy in our family and the girls have Astronomy Journals they made from the evening that they hope to write in this summer.

Happy Stargazing!

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