Gathering Herbs

Till the soil
Plant with care
Sing to the herbs
Dance in the air!

Water and sun
Hope and love
Sing to the herbs
Rejoice from above!

(as published in the August Enrichment Guide)

This summer we’ve been lucky to have had so many of our herb and vegetable plants make it through the season. I’ve not had the greenest thumb in years past but I do keep trying 🙂

This week our August theme is Wild Herbs, Healing in the August Enrichment Guide. What a perfect time to harvest some of the herbs we have been growing in our garden. The girls helped me identify each herb and we took just what we thought we needed for the upcoming week or two. We will use some fresh and hang dry the rest.

The girls helped make bunches of the herbs we hope to hang and dry in our kitchen.

Each time they picked up a handful they couldn’t resist taking a deep smell in. I love that they will grow up and be aware of the earth and its amazing bounty. This is how I would have loved to spent my childhood and my wish for humanity is that all children can experience nature first hand like this in place of the rush and stress of our modern world (and adults too!).

Nature is so very healing. Herbs can be used in so many different ways to heal and enhance your life. Here are some ideas from our guide that you may enjoy:


Drink as tea, eat
Wards of colds, aids digestion, brings clarity to your mind, antiseptic


Eat, drink as tea
Aids digestion, antiseptic, anti-fungal, sore throats


Grows in many cottage and kitchen gardens. You can use it in teas, desserts, and body care potions, such as lotions, shampoos, balms, and soap. Mint may have a calming and soothing effect for skin irritations, itching and hives. It is believed to have anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. ~Sara Wilson as published in August Enrichment

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