Learning in the Woods

Our second day of school in the woods was wonderful. We spent our morning exploring the sense of touch.

Miss Jen brought out such beautiful samples of nature that we felt with our hands. We asked each child to use describing words and they came up with ‘bumpy’, ‘smooth’, ‘prickly’, ‘pointy’ and ‘soft’.

Then we shared our Mystery Box which was filled with items found in nature. The children each took turns putting their hands in the box and guessing what they felt.

When we went for our hike, we tried to find the same items that we felt in our Mystery Box.

It was very damp from a lot of rain and the bugs were pretty relentless. The children hardly complain though – its quite amazing.

We also looked for beautiful leaves for our project later in the day…

We found sweet worms wiggling under the rocks… Lilah was not one bit afraid and picked them up gently right away. We talked about how worms cannot see or hear but use their sense of touch to know where they are going.

When we returned from our hike to the picnic tables, Miss Jen led our craft activity of making homemade Leaf Presses.

The children used beeswax crayons and leaf stamps to decorate their press.

Then they layered paper and the beautiful leaves they found on their walk on top of each other.

We sealed each press closed with rubber bands and our leaves will sit in our presses until we are ready to use them for craft projects in a few weeks.

This day, I brought along a few wooden toys for the children to play with on our picnic blanket.

We also read beautiful stories – one of them was especially sweet and included different textures for the children to feel as they explored.

We look forward to seeing the children again next week.

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