Cookie Cutter Bird Treats

Sing a song of Winter
Pocket full of Rye
Throw it out upon the snow
Call the birdies nigh
Birdies chirp and flutter
Seize it and away
Do you always feed the birds
on a winter day?
Today at Playgarden we made cookie cutter bird treats. We used our cookie cutters to cut shapes out of bread this morning and then poked a hole through each one. Then we let it sit out for a few hours before threading string through for hanging. Brianna was very proud to be able to be the one to tie each piece.
We first experimented with using syrup but the seed did not stick well so we went back to the tried and true peanut butter hold and we were in business. Lilah enjoyed buttering up her bird feeders all by herself.
After dipping each piece into birdseed we sang a little birdie song:
Little bird, little bird,

Fly around,

Up to the sky,

Down to the ground.

Little bird, little bird,

Flap your wings.

Open your beak

And sweetly sing.

Little bird, little bird,

Fly to your nest.

Now it is time

To take a rest.

And we bundled up and went outside to hang them on our tree.
Like magic, it started snowing as soon as we got outside.
A symbol of good work, I think.
And Brianna is such a sweet helper. Visiting here, I think, to teach me so many lessons.

“If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.” ~

2 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Bird Treats”

  1. thank you Eileen! I'm preparing for February's circle and craft right now and I love this new (to me) idea for bird feeding. My son and I tried the bird seed balls hanging from a mesh bag last week but surprisingly, not one morsel appears to have been eaten! I'm wondering if it's the mesh bag…they've always devoured or pine cone feeders in the past.

    thank you!! x

  2. What fun and what a simple idea. I like the different take on the pine cone bird feeder. Thanks for this.
    Also, the Steiner quote is beautiful, maybe one of my new favorites, thank you for sharing it with us.

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