Weaving Sticks

Up and down

Up and down

We are weaving on a stick

Up and down

Up and down

We are weaving very quick

~Jennifer Tan of Syrendell

What do you do with a ‘Y’ shaped stick? You turn it into a piece of art. That’s what. Find one.. pick it up .. and wrap it with anything cool, stringy and colorful that you can find – then display it on your wall, your windowsill, your front step… anywhere.

See the weaver sit at her loom,
Quietly humming the weaving tune.
The shuttle flies from left to right,
Swift as a swallow darting in flight.

Through the warp and the weft her busy hands go,
Under and over, now to and now fro,
Weaving a pattern of dark and of light,
Till a weavework is finished of joy and delight.

~Paul King

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