Seahorses Take the Lead…

I saw them plunging through the foam,

I saw them pacing up the shore,

A thousand horses row on row
And then a thousand more,

In fear they leapt upon the land,

In fear they fled before the wind,

And prancing plunging on they raced,
The huntsman raced behind,

Today they plunged right through the foam,

Today they pranced right up the shore,

~felt horse pattern by Valarie Budyar and can be found in the Little Acorn Learning August Enrichment Guide

A thousand horses row on row,

And then a thousand more.

I have been working with Maia each day on various lessons including math, reading, writing, spelling and art. She discovered an interest in Seahorses and was surprised to find out that they are the only living creature where the male carries the young instead of the female. She is memorizing and reciting the above poem and creating seahorse books, puppets, toys and much more 🙂

A fun week for both of us. It’s wonderful to see my girl so happy learning.


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