Make a Parachute Toy

Parachute Toy

Supplies Needed:

Small Silk or Light Fabric for ‘parachute’

Four even pieces of yarn or strong thread

Small toy figure with flexible arms and legs

(we especially enjoyed using this dollhouse boy because each limb moves freely and the arms and feet were perfect for attaching our strings to – you could alternatively make your own bendy doll for this activity but the success may vary depending on the weight of your doll and fabric used)

Tie each piece of yarn to one corner of your silk or fabric attaching the other side of the yarn to your doll’s hands and feet. You will have to experiment and adjust the length of your string depending on the items you are using. When you drop your parachute toy from a high place you want for the wind to catch underneath so the toy floats down. Some toys will be heavier than others and may need a shorter length of yarn to make it work. We had to adjust ours a few times.

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