Dandelion Tea

The children harvested dandelions from our playyard today so we could make Dandelion Tea together.
It is well-known that the root of dandelions have many healing properties.  A huge new grant has been put toward researching more about this beautiful “weed” after findings that dandelion root tea killed cancer cells.
 The children did not attempt to get the entire plants with roots but a very light herbal tea can be made by the flowers (and leaves) as well.  After gathering your dandelions, pull the flower petals out of the base of the flower and put in a colander to rinse well.  Please do not harvest dandelions from any area that uses fertilizers or pesticides. 

Gently dry your petals and place into a tea kettle with a few slices of lemon (don’t overdo the lemon)
 Brew your tea and let sit for 5 minutes.  I then put our colander on top of a big pot and poured the tea through to strain out the lemons and flowers.  We added raw honey and YUM! 
Enjoy this Spring Treat!

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