Maia’s 8th Birthday!

 My little Maia turned 8 years old on Tuesday.  As a tradition, whoever has a birthday gets to decide where we go to dinner that night.  Maia chose a local Mexican restaurant (likely because you get to wear a cool hat as they all sing to you).  I was happy because I love the fried ice cream.
 A few days later she had her friend party.  She has been waiting and waiting to be old enough to do what her big sisters usually do and invite a few girlfriends out for a dinner and movie.  She was super excited to get the chance this year. 
 The girls all met at our house and we went for a fun dinner at Friendly’s.  The girls felt so grown up out on the town all dressed up and it was so sweet to watch them enjoying this special night together.
 After ice cream, it was time to head out to a movie…
 As you can see they were so very excited and had a great time together.
 We lucked out and got the movie theater to ourselves!  A private showing! 
After, we drove each of the girls home and laughed and talked in the car on the way.  It was a night to remember and Maia’s face was full of happiness all the way to the pillow.  We don’t go out to the movies often but on a special occasion like this it was the perfect treat.

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