This morning as we were getting dressed one of our dog’s started to growl and bark at the windowsill.  When I looked over I saw that our green chrysalis had hatched into a beautiful BLACK swallowtail butterfly! 
It must have came out of its chrysalis either the evening before or during the very early morning hours as, by the time we got to it, its wings were no longer wet and it was ready to fly. 
This was such a wonderful science learning experience for the girls.  They watched and kept record each day of the chrysalises and any changes they noticed.  It was so exciting to see that this one was a black swallowtail butterfly and we are still waiting to see if the two other chrysalises which are brownish black in color, rather than fluorescent green like this one, will be yellow swallowtails or black as well. 
The empty chrysalis is on our nature table and we wait patiently to see if we can catch one of the others as they start hatching so we can take a video to share. 

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