The Best Days

The summer days are coming to an end and our little playgarden has been savoring the last sweet moments of it the best we can before autumn arrives.  There has been so many amazing nature experiences we’ve shared together in our garden, in the backwoods and our playspace.

Our garden is finally producing some yummy vegetables for us to enjoy such as celery, tomatoes, squash, green beans, cucumbers, carrots, melon, watermelon and our very first pumpkin!

The children and I hope to enjoy this magical pumpkin in time for Halloween.  Yesterday in the garden we noticed that the top of it was turning a beautiful shade of orange and that only added to the excitement.  I dream of one day growing all of our own food but the truth is that each year we make very slow progress.  With such a busy life, I find it difficult to spend as much time as I would like tending to the garden and I’m learning as I go.  In either case, these small strides are exciting and we are already talking about what we would like to grow for next year and what we should do differently and keep the same to yield good results (and plenty of food)!

The daycare children are very busy and I am so lucky to have such sweet girls to spend my days with.  There is nothing better than being able to work from my own home doing something that I believe to be so very important in the world we live in today and I strive to keep their days simple, free and full of warmth and love.

I miss my own girls tremendously while they are at school but they are all doing so well and love their teachers.  Brianna, in particular, has experienced tremendous growth this summer – she learned how to dive off of the diving board, has become less nervous around new people and lost a few teeth as well.  She is doing so well in her Kindergarten class this year and I’m so happy that the anxiety she was going through last year has subsided.

When the girls get home from school they cannot wait to play with the daycare children.  They are such wonderful helpers and are so sweet and nurturing to the little ones.  It is a really wonderful experience for both the young children and the older children to share each other in this way and it creates almost a “sibling” environment for the daycare children to embrace when they are in my care.

 In between caring for the children, I have been trying to fill my days with good books, knitting and working on my writing for Little Acorn Learning.  My co-writer and I just completed another e-book to help parents and teachers bring the beautiful autumn festivals and Michaelmas into their homes and schools this month.  I have already begun planning my own special ways to celebrate with both the daycare children and my own family.

Most of all I’m working on trying to simplify my home and my life the best way I can with all that I have going on.  I’ve scaled back on various volunteer roles and have done a major declutter and purge of our home.  Now that my own children are older, I feel like I have a bit more time to focus on some of the things that had to take a backseat for the last few years.  I’m also committing to get into better shape and continue to work on being more mindful of my diet.  
And so, our little life is full of all these sweet moments and each day I find myself remembering something my grandmother told me before she died when I was still a young mother “Remember kid, these are the best days of your life.  It may not seem like it now but one day you will look back on these moments you are living and yearn to have them back.  Enjoy them while you can.”.
And so I do.  

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