Time to Breathe and New E-Book Releases!

For the last two months, we have been working feverishly around here writing and creating two wonderful new e-books through Little Acorn Learning.  The children have been helping me with the crafts and in the evenings and on weekends I have been carving out time to write.

My partner in this Festival Series project, Sara Wilson of Love in the Suburbs, is so amazingly talented and organized and it has been a pure pleasure to work with someone who is such a kindred spirit.  We have truly become dear connected friends on opposite sides of the United States and I am so grateful to have her in my life.  I look forward to phone calls, emails and texts from Sara to brighten my spirit when the deadlines are creeping up behind me.  One day maybe we will even meet in person now that we have written a ton of books together.  🙂

One of the things I love most about this work I do is that it fully includes my children.  While it is very time consuming to plan, organize, write, create and upload the material – the entire process could not be without  my girls by my side.  They are my testers, my crafters, my assistants, my idea generators and my little person point-of-view go-to team.  They are my loves.  

I hope they will not only remember a mama who worked many hours and needed to spend a lot of time in the evenings on the computer running a business…. but I hope they also remember the special time we shared together as these e-books took form, almost as they were given to us from above – a pure gift.

 My hope is that our labor of love will also be a gift to other families.  I hope you spend time crafting and singing and getting your hands dirty with your children as you work through our books.

I hope you know that we not only do this for an income, we do it with the hope, that in our own little way, we are somehow making the world a better place for children and their caregivers.

As the beauty of the winter season approaches, know that with everything we do – your families are in our hearts and minds and we wish you love, peace and joy with your family and friends this holiday time and always.

So without further ado, we are PLEASED, EXCITED, RELIEVED? to announce the release of two huge e-books (that were supposed to be one winter e-book but grew so big we had to split it in half!):

The Advent and Saint Nicholas Festival E-Book
The Winter Festivals E-Book

handcrafted with love from all of us at Little Acorn Learning


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