Look for the Light: A Story of Goodness

I know for many it seems too early to look for the goodness after such horror.  But the only way I can survive another day with my insides turned out like this is to somehow find a way and a reason to seek hope.  This world is still a place filled with goodness and light.  I refuse to allow a monster to rob myself, my community, my children and my world of that truth. 

I’ve not received an inbox full of goodness yet.  But one by one, as people process and cope, they are sending us messages of beauty in the wake of such evil.  I think those angels that left us way too soon would ask us not to give up.  They would ask us to look for the light for their classmates, colleagues and to help initiate change.

Today after church my family went to a diner to eat.  In the front entrance way are once-empty menus colored by children who ate their over the last few days and weeks.  One little drawing pulled me back.  It was done a day after the shootings.  A beautiful photo of Christmas… of hope for the magic of the season and then on the bottom a request to God… to please please “bless all the children”.  If that isn’t a message of hope and light, I am not sure what else is.  We cannot allow this event or any event to take away the hope and joy that is within our children or ourselves.  

Another member of our Little Acorn Learning community sent us in this beautifully sweet story as a reminder that there is still goodness in our broken world:

A Story of Goodness and Light from one of our Members, Hallie: 

“We had been looking forward to this dinner for weeks but after the events of yesterday, it seemed almost wrong to enjoy it… it was a military appreciation dinner held at South Tacoma Auto. Still we went, and had a lovely time, great food and were so touched by the sincerity of the staff in their thanks to our military. There

 were give-aways (of which we were so lucky to win a new watch!) but the highlight of the evening was the actions of a man who I didn’t even catch his name…. the grand prize giveaway was $1000 gift card, who was won by a nice looking older gentleman. When he went up to receive his gift, there was a bit of confusion, as we couldn’t hear what he said, and then the crowd around him started clapping and standing up…. that retired military man had asked that his gift be given to someone else who was still active duty…..That was such an example to that room full of 300+ people, that even on such an ugly day in our country’s history… there is still good in the world…. I know my girls didn’t realize how special that moment was but I did… and I just haven’t been able to kick that lump in my throat and tears of gratitude for that man, I just had to share it with all of you too… so that everyone can remember that there is so much good still in this world if only we let ourselves see it. And that we all have the power to share goodness and God’s blessings… Before we left, I went up to that man and told him how special I thought that was and all he could say was something along the lines of ” It’s the least I could do for all they are doing”….”

So as Monday is fast approaching and my stomach is turning about sending my three children off to school without me…. I am reminded of the beautiful teachers and staff that work so hard to protect and educate our children.  I am reminded of the dedication and bravery of our Connecticut and town police forces and feel good that their presence will be at our schools this week as an extra precaution.  I will look around, even if it means straining my eyes, to find you stories of goodness to post here.  

I hope you will too.  Join us tonight at 7 p.m. to light a candle or luminary on your front porch or in a window, not only to remember those lost but as a symbol of gratitude for the goodness that still surrounds us during this time.  

Please participate and help us spread light and love around our grieving world.  Share a good story, a happy thought, an act of kindness that you have seen in the days and weeks after this horrific event with us and we will share it with the world here on our blog.  

To submit a story or share something positive for this project, email us with your contact info and story at info@littleacornlearning.com  We hope to receive so many replies that we can hardly fill this space with so much goodness.  

Here is a button for you to share this project with your friends, families, blogs, email lists, colleagues and anywhere and everywhere you can so we can remind people that this world is still filled with SO much good.  Please just link the button back to this post at http://eileensplace.blogspot.com 

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