Look for The Light: The Winter Solstice

“I will love the light for it shows me the way.  Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino

On this rainy and dark Winter Solstice, I am here with the children and working hard to bring the light and joy of the new winter sun and Christmas time into my home.  It is not easy after the events of last week and some of it feels forced.  I am sure I am not alone in my difficulty as all of us wrestle with the desire to both mourn and celebrate at this very sacred time of the year.  
The Winter Solstice is a time when the darkness of winter is deep and the days get shorter as the nights grow long.  It is a time to celebrate and await the return of the light.  A time to go deep within ourselves and relight our inner candle to keep ourselves warm.  Especially now, this is a time for us all to rejoice in the eventual return of the sun and envision a new world and new beginnings for our earth.  I have decided that the “end of the world” term is figurative and in our new world we will learn to live together, love one another and create peace.  I am asking you all to join me in creating this new earth.  

Over the next six months, the sun will climb higher and higher into the sky, gradually stretching our days longer and warming our planet.  Let us use the time to be a light to those around us, to help spread goodness and beauty into our world, to reevaluate all we have focused on in the past and shift our energy toward pure, healing and loving endeavors.  Let us work to teach the youngest of us to be peacemakers and tolerant souls.  

Let us use this time to focus on our families.  Let us reconnect with our higher power and ask through meditation and prayer how we can be of service to heal our world. 

If there is light in the soul,  
there will be beauty in the person.  
If there is beauty in the person,  
there will be harmony in the house.  
If there is harmony in the house,  
there will be order in the nation.  
If there is order in the nation,  
there will be peace in the world. 
—Chinese Proverb
In the spirit of the Look for The Light project here, I am sharing a sweet letter I received from someone in our Little Acorn Learning community:
We want to make our contribution to shed light and positive energy during this time and say prayers together for the families every evening.  Our boys are only 4,2 and 8 months and only know that people in Boston (this area is the only area they know near you because we camped there on our family vacation this summer,  so they look on this area fondly 🙂 ) have lost their friends and are very sad.  So,  they wanted to draw a picture for the families in “Boston”,  and I have included it here.  Rowan is 4 and wanted to draw a picture of a sun,  and as he proceeded drawing,  drew a door leading to a sun….Davis,  who is 2 wanted to draw a ‘Happy face ball” like the one he has that makes him happy,  so I helped him with that:)  We did send these along to Newton but wanted to share them with you too.  Hope they can help spread the light and bring a little more peace.  Thank you for all that you do:) 

Love and Peace, 
The Robblee Family 
The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come.  At the darkest moment comes the light.” – Joseph Campbell

If I could ask for anything besides that the events of December 14th never happened, it would be that this was a turning point for us all – a time when we will no longer stand by and watch but take loving action.  I would ask that this feeling of wanting change would not dissipate after time moves on.  
Here is a sweet project my daughter Maia worked on after being given a paper entitled “I’m Gonna Like Me.”  – can we teach our children to love themselves so that they are able to love others?  Can you ask your children to do this project?  Can you do it yourself? 
To celebrate winter today, my children came up with a very fun idea of creating an Eye Spy ornament.  Here is the simple tutorial for you:
Eye Spy Ornament
Materials Needed:

  • Plastic (not glass) clear ornament with top

  • Beads

  • Shredded paper

  • Small items to look for (i.e. a dime, tiny lego, etc.)

  • Glue 

  • Sharpie Marker

  • Tag

This is very simple and fun.  Have the children hunt around the house for very tiny items to put inside their plastic ornament.  We had letter tiles, marbles, hair ties, a piece of crayon, an acorn top, a dime, a tiny lego, a very small lego “head”, a piece of a feather and more.  Write each item on your tag that you will later attach so children know what to hunt for. 
 Place all tiny items inside your ornament.  Then fill the ornament up with beads and shredded pieces of paper to make it challenging.  
We recommend using hot glue or regular glue before you put the top on so your ornament does not spill later on.  Be sure to write “I Spy” with a sharpie marker on it or sticker letters and also put the child’s name and year on the bottom.  

We hope this brings you a little happiness today. 
Enjoy it.
Some other ideas from Little Acorn Learning that may help you to celebrate winter are in our following e-books:

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