Look for The Light: Embracing Winter

As the days grow deeper into winter, we are moving forward and embracing the bits of joy we can after such a difficult time these past two weeks.  We hosted Christmas Eve and had a really wonderful time with our family and children and when we said goodbye we were so excited to see that we were being gifted a White Christmas this year.  Which was so very needed in Connecticut.  
Wednesday brought even more snow to our neighborhood and the girls were so excited to be able to go outside and enjoy it.  It was perfect packing snow they said.  

So they rolled and they rolled…

And they came in and out asking for silly things like clementines and carrots… candy canes and scarves….  and then finally were ready to unveil their creation to me.   Meet “Peppermint” the Snowman.  🙂

These are the beautiful, simple, warming moments that are grabbing hold of me so tightly these days.  These are the moments that I am savoring and breathing in deep.  That are pulling me away from silly, unimportant things like work or laundry.  That are calling me to watch and to listen.

My sweet friend and co-writer Sara from Love in the Suburbs sent us these beautiful Snowflake Angels to cheer us up after listening and supporting me in the pain I’ve been feeling.  It is amazing to me that I can love a friend so deeply who I have never met in person.  Her words have helped carry me and bring me back to focus when things have felt blurry.

I have been loving this time with my girls, relaxing and crafting… reading and cooking.  Santa brought us a new book Magical Window Stars from A Toy Garden and we have been making many of them.  They are bringing light and hope into our home and for that I am thankful.  
I am thinking of all of you and hoping you are managing okay… I think as parents we must do our best to bring beauty and goodness into our homes to heal our wounds as best as possible. 
With love,

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