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Ladies Vest with Ribbed Edging

Back in September, we had Brianna’s 6th birthday celebration at a local farm.  While there, I got my hands on some of this beautiful purple wool yarn made from the sheep at the farm.  
I wasn’t really sure what to make with it until I found Patricia Hobson’s beautiful crochet pattern for this Ladies Vest with Ribbed Edging so I began…it was definitely slow going at times with all I have going on.  
But it was a nice worsted yarn and it worked up very quickly.  I really love crochet for its simplicity and the ease in which you can fix mistakes as they occur.  This yarn was warm and beautiful but a little bit scratchy so I knew it wouldn’t do well on bare skin.  I decided this vest would work great as it would layer on top of other clothing and be a good use for a scratchy but warm wool.  
The project followed me around a lot.  It even found itself in daycare and the little ones enjoyed helping me wind up new balls of yarn when I needed them.  Winding yarn is a real favorite activity around here with the children.  
It got put away for awhile as we dealt with Hurricane Sandy – took a mini-vacation and went on a cruise and prepared for the holidays… but one way or another, it made its way back into my hands…
And slowly but surely its form started to take shape.
The ribbing was actually the most time consuming part of the project but it really makes the vest so much more pretty and was well-worth it.
 And just yesterday – Viola!  It was complete.  I’m very excited I actually completed it in time to use this season… usually, I’ll begin a project for one season and finish in an entirely different one where I can’t wear it!  Now what to make next?  
What are you working on?  Anything good to share?

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