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Yarn Along

So here I am again with a little yarn along update.  It may look as if I’ve been busy but if you know the truth of it, these little toy horses have been in the making since before Christmas.  I just have so many projects and so little time.  Don’t we all?  I picked it back up again for a few stitches yesterday and I hope to finally finish three little toy horses for my girls (hopefully before NEXT Christmas~!!)

On the reading front, again, I haven’t had time for anything too heavy so I am enjoying browsing back through this wonderful little pattern book Toymaking with Children.  Its one of those books that I imagine will live on my shelves forever.  I can see this sweet book touching the lives of my own children, other children I care for, grandchildren and maybe one day getting passed on to a time I will not see.  It’s a keeper.

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