International Homeschool Fair

We took part in an International Fair that was held by Connecticut homeschoolers this past weekend.  This was a timely opportunity for us because Maia had been really sick last month (we are still unsure why but luckily all blood results seem ok) and she missed another International Fair she was scheduled to be involved in.  We worked hard on our display of Ireland and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share it with others.
Each child received a special passport and as they went to each display they were able to stamp their little book with each country’s stamp.  
We learned a lot of very interesting facts about the world around us.  We even learned some cool things about America.  Did you know that a lot of the words we use today are Native American words?
 Our booth came out very nice and the girls put together a potato clock.  We are lucky to still have roots in Ireland and I had photos of myself as a girl when I went there with my Nanny.  My father also sent us some cool photos of Ireland from a trip he went on with other family members not too long ago.
 The creativity could not go unnoticed.  Each child knew such detail of the country they chose and there were wonderful international samples of food, clothing, toys and much more.
 One of the most enjoyable parts of the fair was a special scavenger hunt the organizers set up.  Each table had to give a few questions that the children had to dig around and find the answers to.  We found each one but it wasn’t easy! 

I love exposing my daughters to new and unique foods.  I think it is really important that they not be afraid to try new things or expand their pallet.  Some things were a bit too sweet, some a bit too spicy…
We already love Indian food and now we also found a few new delicious recipes to try at home from all over the world.

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