We had such a fun experiment with this mushroom kit.  The mushrooms grow in recycled coffee grounds right on your windowsill in less than 10 days.  The process really amazed the girls and it was so much fun to watch and chart the progress.  
The mushrooms seemed kind of yuck to us at first and we weren’t really sure that we wanted to eat them at all!
But as the days passed, we started getting excited about eventually being able to harvest the mushrooms and see what they taste like.  The process is nothing short of a miracle.  If you really think about all of the potential that is held within small seeds or, in this case, spores; it is truly amazing.  
 These types of activities really open my eyes and heart back up to the universe and the truth that I hold within that there is something greater than ourselves.  
When the time was right, each one of my girls took a turn snipping off our mushrooms right before I cooked dinner.  
I made a stir fry with a bunch of different veggies I had on hand and served it alongside of rice.  The mushrooms were delicious and there weren’t hardly enough.  The girls were asking for more.  
I guess if children grow their own food, they eat it.  

When Brian’s grandmother died, we found this vintage mushroom identification book in her home and were told we could have it.  This was a perfect time to really dig into it with the girls.  Mushrooms are beautiful and unique.  Some are very dangerous and some are delicious.
The best thing about the kit is that after one side grows you simply repeat the process for the other side to grow mushrooms too.  So, we are anxiously waiting for our second batch of homegrown oyster mushrooms to eat.

And the company will donate a free kit to a classroom of your choice if you post pictures to their facebook page of your growing mushrooms.  My hope is to pick a classroom that is underfunded and in need of some nature.

Have you ever grown your own mushrooms? 

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