Fleeting Moments

Oh these moments, they are so fleeting – aren’t they?  I haven’t been in this space for a long time and find it harder and harder to keep up with my blog.  Yet, I have a deep desire to once again keep this place active and updated and I hope to find a way to achieve that soon.  As I type this I am actually sitting in the airport waiting for a flight with my girls as we embark upon a fun family vacation together.  It will be their first time on a plane and they are both excited and nervous.  

As the days have passed by since I’ve been here last, I have been quite busy.  The most important event that occurred was that my sweet Keira turned 12 years old.  The years, just like the moments, seem to fly past me at times and I find myself blinking my eyes a few extra times to see if it is true that my girls are growing so fast or if it is just my mind playing tricks on me. 
We celebrated Keira’s birthday in conjunction with Easter this year.  Family and friends filled our home with love and laughter and she enjoyed her special family celebration.  
She also had a party with some of her closest friends.  She had a glow-in-the-dark mini golf party which was a ton of fun.  The girls all were glowing in the dark and we found out quickly that 12 year olds giggle a real lot. 
 In between all of the celebrations and regular daily life, I’ve been enjoying my sweet daycare babies as always…

Oh and Sara Wilson and I have just completed another e-book celebrating the Late Spring Festivals.  It sure isn’t easy finding time to write with such a busy life but I truly love the work that I do and I’m so grateful to be working with Sara on this festival series as we really support one another well and her work is phenomenal.  
This e-book came out so nice and is 130+ pages full with Waldorf crafts, stories, recipes, songs, circles and so much more – just in time for Earth Day, Mother’s Day and May Day.  

We hope you enjoy it!  

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